ua:la part 1 quirk uala ua (mini mini series)

UA:LA Part 1 quirk uala ua (Mini Mini Series)




Special Thanks to Kellina Rutherford!

Music Featured:
uala A by Yuki Hayashi (quirk uala ua OST)
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**On a personal note:

It's been 4 years since I last shot something for myself... I'll make sure to never wait that long again. The industry can really drain the life out of you at times but it feels REALLY good to remind myself how much I love action filmmaking.

Excited to further put to use how much more I've learned since last uploading.


Featuring la la


Featuring la la


UA:LA -- A Mini-Mini-Series

The famous Tokyo based superhero academy "UA" has opened up a branch in Los Angeles, California. We follow a student who's decided to step up and do the right thing.

**These are all original characters based in the quirk uala ua Universe**

Shot, Edited, VFX & la Directed By la C. la


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